Christmas Activities You Can Enjoy at Home

Handmade Christmas greeting cards 2017 ideas Whenever Christmas is approaching, I will prepare a holiday bucket list to end the year with celebration. Apart from rejoicing and thanksgiving for the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ whom He sacrificed for my sake, I like my November, December weekends just to be moments of giving for my loved ones and have fun together. You can joyfully sing Christmas carol and no one will bother on your level of singing, even though singing might not be your cup of tea. How wonderful, right?

When comes to my Christmas traditions, I love decorating the house, wrapping the presents, making Christmas cards for my friends, making donations in kind, baking cookies, shopping for the holiday tableware, and of course, to prepare an upcoming family dinner that everyone can relish the goodies together.

I’m sharing a couple of fun and inspiring Christmas project in honour of Christmas preparation . I got to submit a Christmas scrapbook project challenge so I will keep the descriptions short today.

Decorate the Wall for your Sweet Home
Do it yourself Christmas tree with Christmas LED lighting.
Decorating the wall is a great way to instantly soak your house with festive atmosphere. To involve all your family members, you could make your own decorations like Christmas tree, gift, garland etc while others can get other embellishments or LED blinking curtain lights. For those who are not in-charge of decoration items, they can get busy with hands by dolling up the wall with the available materials or lead and conceptualize the design.

Want to make your own special Christmas tree?  Check out the tips:

  • Get two sheets of A2 bright green cardstock paper.
  • Cut into 3 triangles of different sizes.
  • Adhere and layer the triangles over one another.And voila… here’s a Christmas tree that is not expensive yet it’s storage free.

Design Holiday CardsHandmade Christmas greeting cards 2017 ideas
Rather than sending an electronic greeting message or card that lacks of sentimental value, create your own Christmas cards and give your friends or family a heartwarming holiday. Your unique design is a card that you can be proud of. You can also personalise the message for the intended recipient but printed greeting cards found in the retail shop might not give you this option.

Check out the above image for our lovely card inspirations to get started with Christmas crafting.

Build a Gingerbread House
Fun doesn’t have to stop after a full dinner that put us into slumber sometimes. Though you and your loved ones may not be hungry, you can decorate the gingerbread house with candy and icing pens, followed by an unforgettable photo-taking session. I’m sure anyone from young to old will be happy to engage in it, especially daddy who is engineer, architect will want to exhibit his handy skills. Get a box of gingerbread house from IKEA mini mart (not two boxes) today so everyone bonds together.

Hope you like our ideas and thank you for visiting.